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          Library Board of Trustee Meeting

The Greenwood Lake Public Library Board of Trustee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, September 25, 2014 @ 7:30pm. The public is welcome to attend.

                               Downloadable Book News


We are happy to announce that in addition to the ebooks in Overdrive, which are available to our patrons to download, we are purchasing additional ebooks through their Overdrive Advantage program. Ebook purchases made through this programs are restricted to OUR patrons only. This should help to end some of the long wait times that you may have experienced when ordering ebooks through Overdrive. In order to see the OUR Overdrive Advantage selections, you must be signed in to Overdrive.  To get to Overdrive, click on the Downloadable Books button on the left side of our home page. Notice that we have added a link to a list of the ebooks we have purchased through Overdrive Advantage. Please click on the link and check to see if we have ebooks that interest you. You can then proceed to Overdrive, sign in and search for those titles. When you find them, they should reflect an orange "a" with a check mark next to it, which indicates that it is an Overdrive Advantage title. 
Sebco E-Books
     E-Sebco is the newest addition to our growing e-book collection. Just click on the Bookworm to get access to these digital children’s non-fiction materials. All books in this collection can be used simultaneously by as many Greenwood Lake patrons as desired, don’t have to be checked in or out and don’t require internet access after the download.
     First time users will need our login, “greenwoodlakelibrary” and our password “book” and then will input  their library card  ID# and name.

     For your Mobile device, download the free Sebco app and read your eBooks from your IOS, Android or Kindle device. Go to the www.SebcoBooks.com homepage and select click to download from the Apps box.

     Next, select the App box for your device. Once on your mobile device, locate the bookworm app icon and select it to open. Log in using the information provided above. Download the eBooks you would like to read.
Sesame Street Ebooks

We have also added Sesame Street Ebooks in ebook, audio ebook, interactive ebook, and animated ebook format, which you can use on your home computer or on the library computers. Your child can read, listen, or play in many of the books. These books can also be accessed using an iPad; however, you cannot download them to ereaders. A word of caution—these books allow for printing, which is something you may not want your child to do, given  the cost of printer ink. Also, if printing them in the library, the library charges 10 cents per page in black and white and 50 cents per page in color. To get to Sesame Street Ebooks, click on the Downloadable Books button on the left side of our home page. To access them on your home computer, you must email us at joan@gwllibrary.org for the User ID and Password.


Gale Virtual Reference Library

We have added 50 reference titles (encompassing over 200 volumes) that are available 24/7 with articles available to be downloaded to ereaders. To get to Gale Virtual Reference Library, click on the Downloadable Books button on the left side of our home page.  Just sign in with your library barcode and reference materials, previously available only at the Library, will be at your fingertips anywhere - no title is ever checked out! You can choose from eleven language translations and there is a Readspeaker application available to read to students, which is great for the auditory learner.

A Special Request for our Local History Collections



We would be most grateful to anyone willing to donate, or loan for copying, yearbooks from the Greenwood Lake Elementary and Middle Schools as well as the High Schools from the years that Greenwood Lake students were in Warwick, Monroe or Tuxedo . The Library also needs donations, or loans for copying, of the Greenwood Lake News PRIOR to 1984, JULY-DECEMBER 1989 and 1990-1999. Lastly, if you should have any copies of the Greenwood Lake Newsletter or the Greenwood Lake Buzzer (which existed before the Greenwood Lake & West Milford News) that you would be willing to donate or loan for copying, the Library would be most appreciative.   These items will be added to our Local History Reference collection for everyone to share. We will acknowledge your generosity to the community in “Our Special Thanks” column of our newsletter unless, of course, you prefer to remain anonymous. If you are interested in donating or loaning any of this material, please call Elizabeth Cisek, Reference Supervisor, at Ext. 105 or Joan Carvajal, Library Director, at Ext. 103.

Family Museum Passes




Don’t forget to take advantage of the passes the Library offers to various museums!



All passes guarantee free general admission (special programs and/or exhibits may require additional costs to you). Passes are available to resident library cardholders ONLY for a 3-day period; the fine is $10.00 per day if returned late to ensure that other patrons are not left waiting for their opportunity to use the passes. The passes cannot be put on hold and patrons must come to the Library to see if they are available to be checked out. For complete details on museums included/rules, please contact Jill Cronin at Ext. 109 or 110.