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On this page, you will find a link to the Library Catalog so that you might search for books as well as a link to the Library's Research Databases. We have also included school projects that we know have been assigned throughout the years along with Internet links on each project. We hope that this page will prove to be of assistance to our students, parents and teachers!


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  1. For books, check the Library Catalog.
  2. For magazines, newspapers, or journal articles, use the Library's Online Database.


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   Whenever the library becomes aware of a school project, we pull the books that the children need and move them to the project shelves in the computer area. The library does not let these books go out; they must be used at the library. The reason for this is to provide every child the opportunity of finding the information they need. Unfortunately, when a project is assigned across a grade level (which can mean 75 children are working on the same subject), it is impossible for us to provide enough books to circulate on the subject matter.
    There are certain times when the library does not pull books and put them aside. For
example, when the children work on the State Project, we usually allow one state book per child to go out because we have several sets of state books. Also, when the children are assigned to pick an animal and write about it, we do not pull books because the subject matter is so large; there are usually plenty of books to choose from (again, we allow  only one book per child). With both of these projects, encyclopedias will provide plenty of information as well. Finally, if there is a book report, we of course allow books to go out.
    If we do not have a book a child needs, we can usually find it in another library, in which
case, we can inter-library loan it for the child. If there is not enough time for delivery (we get three deliveries from other libraries a week), you can go directly to the other library to pick up the book. If you are going to pick up a book at another library, we suggest that you call ahead to make sure the book is available and ask that it be held for you at their Circulation Desk; be sure to bring your library card.  Please be aware that our circulation policy states, "Inter-library loans are governed by the borrowing and renewal policies of the lending library." This means fine policy as well. 

    A word of caution, however , we cannot allow a patron to check out our items or place an inter-library loan if a patron owes $10.00 or more in fines or has 3 claims returned items.
   If a child under 14 needs to access the Internet for a school project and they do not have a permission slip, a staff member will access the Internet for them to get the information.
    The library will make copies of pages that your child may need from books that cannot be
taken out or if they have a permission slip to access the Internet, they may print from the Internet. Students receive the first $3.50 for free per school project (it normally cost 10¢ for black and white copies and 50¢ for color copies). 

    This page is a "work in progress" and we will continue to add projects and Internet links as time permits.