Children's Services
Kristin Rohlfs
Youth Services
Phone: (854) 477-8377 Ext. 109 or 110

Our Children's Corner

Cozy, comfortable and kid-friendly, our children’s area has kid-sized tables and chairs, a multitude of puppets and pop-up books for play/reading in the library.
Our children’s collection includes:  


  • Downloadable Books
  • Board Books for Tots
  • Picture Books
  • ABC/Easy Reader Books
  • Junior Fiction
  • Junior Non-Fiction
  • Junior Biography
  • Reference Books
  • Cassette/Book Kits
  • Holiday Book Collection
  • Current Holiday Collection displayed after children’s videos
  • Audio Books
  • Paperbacks
  • Videos/DVDs
  • Children’s Magazines
  • Computer CD-ROMs – Located in the Computer Area
  • Graphic Novels
  • Spanish Language Collection


Our Parents Corner

Our Parent’s Corner is located in our Children’s Area; it includes books designed just for adults, covering common parenting issues as well as more complex issues. Other books that parents can read with their child on such issues as potty training, sharing, etc. can be found in the children's collection. Parenting DVDs are located with the adult DVDs in our Adult Audiovisual area.


Our Youth Study Center: Grades 5 & Up

    Please be assured that the Youth Study Center was created with your children in mind. We welcome your children and make every effort to work with them to prevent any incidents of misbehavior.
    Our Youth Study Center is where kids Grades 5 and up can come to do their homework or work on a school project. It  houses our Young Adult collection, which includes:

  • YA Fiction
  • YA Non-Fiction
  • YA Biography  
  • YA Reference
  • YA Graphic Novels
  • YA Magazines
  • YA Audio Books
  • YA Magazines
  • YA Playaways
  • Laptop Computers
    There are comfortable couches and chairs, a game table with comfortable cushions to sit on and a selection of board and video games to play when schoolwork is done as well as occasional impromptu crafts. Available for purchase are snacks and water/soda to provide that extra boost of energy needed to complete assignments. The Youth Study Center also provides our youth an area in the library where they can gather and talk without constantly being shushed by adults.
    Because of the volume of children in and out of the room and to protect the rights of all the children, we have found it necessary to have each child read and sign a Youth Study Center agreement. Once signed, a copy of this is mailed to the child’s parents or guardian.

     The library is concerned for the safety of all of our children. We ask that you note the disciplinary actions we may have to take for inappropriate behavior. Since we may find it necessary to ask a child to leave the library, we want you to be aware of this and be sure that your child has an alternate plan as to where to go in such a situation.

    Lastly, the room closes a half hour before the main library closes; thus, it  closes at 2:30pm on Sundays, 4:30pm on Mondays & Fridays, 8:30pm Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays, and 3:30pm on Saturdays. In the case of an early holiday closing, inclement weather, power outage, or other such emergency, we may close before the previously stated times. Again, please be sure that if your child has to be picked up that they are picked up by closing time and again, in the case of an early closing, has an alternate plan as to where to go in such a situation and how to reach you. We do allow the children to make phone calls in such situations.

Special Note on Computer Resources for Children

We have 7 public access computers in our Computer Area that have unfiltered access to the Internet as well as word processing, spreadsheet and desktop publishing programs and many educational/fun programs.

All children under the age of eighteen must have a parental permission slip on file at the library. Parents must come in person to fill this permission slip out. For full details on our computer policy, see our
Policies page and Computer Services page.